SEO Grow™

"Upon first launching my company's website we had loads of visitors. Many new leads came in, and even Google had our website high up in their search results. As time passed however, the number of visitors slowed dramatically until one day it all but stopped. Nothing had changed! It seemed as though the only people visiting our website were ones we specifically directed to it."

The story is all too common. Without new content being added frequently to your website, what visitors you have will have less reasons to visit, will not be as likely to refer your website to a friend, and have less reasons to add a link to your website from their own. Search engines too begin to place you website further and further down on their list until your website is all but unfindable to anyone who doesn't already know of it's existance.

The cure is obvious, change up your site frequently, add new relevant content, and get people talking about your company's webpage once more. To this end we have unveiled our SEO Grow™ services. We work on growing your webpage through several means:

New Content Additions

We write relevant articles that are specifically designed to target certain search keywords. We then submit the articles to you for approval/changes (after all who knows your field better than you), after which we add them to your website. This benefits your company's webpage in several fronts, a few of which are:
  • Gives both human and search engine visitors reasons to check back frequently, to see what has been added.
  • Increases the likelihood that visitors will tell their friends and family about your website.
  • Gives webmasters and blog authors resources that they may link to in order to share with their own visitors.
After a time, we also will submit your articles to various article repository sites. We don't do it right away as we want to ensure that the search engines have properly credited your page with the articles authorship. Once submitted, other webpages are able to make use of your article as long as they give you credit for it, among which is the requirement that they link to your webpage.

Social Networking

We list your articles with various social networking websites. This not only builds the number of inbound links to your website (something that a search engine will look for, and rank a page higher for), but also results in more ways through which a prospective new client can find your webpage.

SEO Friendly Site Changes

The algorythms that a search engine uses to rank your page change frequently. In many instances, small and simple tweaks to a webpage can have profound effects on how a search engine sees your page. Remember your site needs to look good for human visitors, but the search engines (and ultimately the best source for prospective new clients) see a webpage differently. Maintaining a balance between these two visitor types will help ensure that your company's webpage remains healthy and that the visitors keep on comming.

Search Engine Keyword Targeting

We make changes to your site, and write articles that specifically target certain search keywords. Make sure that those visiting your site are actually interested and looking for your services. After all, if you're a dentist, what good is it if someone searches for "used cars" and ends up finding your site? Make sure the search engines have a clear picture of what your site is truly about.

Link Generation

People traverse the internet through links, surfing from webpage to webpage. The more webpages that link to you, and consequently the more ways that a person can reach your company's webpage the better.


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SEO Friendly Site Changes
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